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  • a sporty employee

    Sport promotes well-being and health. More and more managers are turning to sport to help employees and their companies.

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  • Gamification: how are game mechanics becoming part of our daily lives?

    The services we use every day are increasingly gamified: how have they become part of our daily lives?

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  • Strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet

    In this article, we explain how we can organise ourselves to improve our diet.

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  • sport and motivation

    The key to performing better in sport and at work is motivation. We take a look at the psychology of motivation: how to find it?

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  • Feeling better without bending over: the Pilates method

    We introduce you to the fundamental principles of Pilates through a first exercise that will allow you to discover this method to feel better.

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  • How can coaching boost your sports performance?

    Social psychology has recognised that being accompanied during training boosts performance. In this article, we will explain why.

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  • How to be active during containment?

    In confinement, we tend to let ourselves go. So we're going to give you our 4 golden rules to get you going and make the most of your time in confinement.

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  • Top 6 gift ideas for a sporty friend

    Gift ideas for great sportsmen and women

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  • Sleep, an ally for your health

    Sleeping well is essential but we have never slept so little as in recent years. How can we sleep better and what will be the effects on our health?

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  • Sport as a means of promoting well-being in companies

    A happy and healthy employee performs better. Find out why more and more managers are turning to sport to improve their QWL!

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