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  • How do you keep your spirits up during lockdown?

    How do you keep your spirits up during lockdown?

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  • The ideal running playlist: instrumental classical music

    Our classical music running playlist

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  • How to progress with cross-training?

    How to progress with cross-training?

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  • Inter-company challenge and team building

    Organise internal challenges to strengthen team cohesion

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  • Take a deep breath to fight stress

    Breathing well to relax and combat stress

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  • How to breathe well while running?

    Learn to control your breathing during a race

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  • Hiking: it's sport!

    Hiking is also sport!

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  • Working out at night is a much better idea than you think

    Can't get up early to run before work, no time to do it during your lunch break? Then all you have left is the end of the day!

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  • Is corporate sport an exclusion factor?

    Sport is on the rise in companies. As a lever for integration and well-being at work, its benefits are well proven.

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  • What sports should I play during my lunch break?

    Physical activity between lunch and dinner to optimise your time and energy. How? you might ask. I'll explain it all to you!

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