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  • hiking sport

    Hiking is also sport!

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  • sport night

    Can't get up early to run before work, no time to do it during your lunch break? Then all you have left is the end of the day!

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  • corporate sport

    Sport is on the rise in companies. As a lever for integration and well-being at work, its benefits are well proven.

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  • Sport during lunch break

    Physical activity between lunch and dinner to optimise your time and energy. How? you might ask. I'll explain it all to you!

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  • well being work

    How can you be an actor in your own health? I found answers at the Health Prevention Club's Wellness and Work conference on October 18, 2017.

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  • zero waste office

    A short list of actions to put in place in your workplace to respect our little blue planet as much as possible.

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  • anti stress sport motivation

    We offer you a sport routine to start your day on the right foot, without stress and with renewed motivation !

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  • sedentary lifestyle

    Sedentary lifestyle is known as the evil of the century. We are interested in its impact on our health, and we give you some tips on how to deal with it.

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  • mountain biking

    Mountain biking has many advantages and benefits and can be practised by everyone. Here are my 5 reasons to start mountain biking!

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  • sport holiday

    There is another way to spice up your holiday: discover new activities.

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