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  • nordic walking

    Did you know that the French Athletics Federation offers Nordic Walking? Indeed, this discipline has many benefits for the body!

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  • take your pet work

    Are you for or against the idea of taking a pet to work? At Squad, we're brimming with love for dogs, and we see only advantages !

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  • electric bike

    The Electric Powered Bike is starting to become more and more popular, but we can wonder if using an electric bike is really a sport?

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  • french music sport

    French music is getting into sports!

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  • game life

    Life is a game !

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  • calculate vma

    What is VMA used for? How to calculate it? Here are the answers!

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  • intermittent fasting

    Among the many types of diets, intermittent fasting is on the rise!

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  • well being work

    Well-being at work belongs to those who get up early!

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  • teleworking motivation

    10 Steps to Stay Motivated in Teleworking

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  • be green at work

    How do you find the motivation to become green at the office?

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