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  • motivation at work

    How do you find the motivation to start exercising?

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  • excuses ecology

    We present you our selection of the 10 cliché sentences used by your friends to justify that the ecology, it is not useful finally !

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  • hardest races

    Discover the 6 hardest races in the world !

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  • anti hangover sport tips

    5 sports tips for overcoming a hangover / after partying

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  • shots on the Runners

    10 prejudices about runners

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  • 10 outdated food to eat

    List of foods that can be consumed after their expiry date

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  • health at work

    Talking about your health at work is not easy. Fear of being judged, misunderstood... We give you our advice on how to best deal with this subject.

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  • method relaxation fast

    A simple and practicable method in any place to relax quickly

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  • tough reflections unemployed

    The very bad things people say to you when you're out of work

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  • Reinforce the sense of belonging in the company

    Strengthen team cohesion within your company by taking care of your employees and their sense of belonging.

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