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  • Exercise during a meeting

    A meeting at the office or at home a little too long? Here are 4 sport exercises to do quickly and discreetly!

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  • futur responsive fassemheim

    Nothing is black or white in energies: we offer you a bit of reading around the subject of nuclear power (and also our humble opinion on the matter) !

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  • Sport  home accessories

    Playing sports at home becomes simple and fun thanks to 10 revolutionary accessories

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  • race colleagues

    We explain why you should participate in a race with your colleagues, and why sharing this common goal can only be beneficial for you.

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  • Can you give blood  athlete

    We wondered if it was possible to donate blood, even if you are a sportsman. Blood, platelets, plasma...we tell you everything we know!

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  • office accessories  pass time

    5 minute break at the office

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  • zero waste cereal bar

    Today we make zero-waste cereal bars!

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  • sport against burn out

    Sport can help reduce the risk of burnout, and we explain why and how !

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  • sport confinement resuming

    Getting back into sports after a long break is not so easy. We give you our 6 tips to help you in your recovery.

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