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  • 4 solidarity actions to set up in your company

    Squadeasy reveals 4 simple actions to implement in your company with the aim of solidarity

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  • sport routine leg a the office

    We're here today for a special leg routine at the office!

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  • Sculpting a small dream body (at the office)

    Delicious exercises to sculpt your dream body at the office

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  • What if gamification was at the heart of motivation at work?

    Gamification is at the heart of theories on motivation, hence the question: can gamification be a motivational lever in companies?

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  • Semi de Paris : The Esprit Running Squad meets there

    Semi de Paris in team!

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  • Half of Paris : The Esprit Running Squad meets there

    Half marathon of Paris in team!

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  • The ideal running playlist: instrumental classical music

    Our classical music running playlist

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  • What is Nordic walking?

    Did you know that the French Athletics Federation offers Nordic Walking? Indeed, this discipline has many benefits for the body!

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  • When French popular music sings sports

    French music is getting into sports!

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  • 10 excuses bullshit anti-ecology

    We present you our selection of the 10 cliché sentences used by your friends to justify that the ecology, it is not useful finally !

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