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  • Meditation: Boogie's 4 favourite apps

    Boogie presents his four favourite applications to get you started with the benefits of guided meditation!

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  • Zero Waste: Going green at the office

    A short list of actions to put in place in your workplace to respect our little blue planet as much as possible.

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  • Mountain biking: 5 reasons to get started

    Mountain biking has many advantages and benefits and can be practised by everyone. Here are my 5 reasons to start mountain biking!

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  • Green at work? When you have to go, you have to go!

    How do you find the motivation to become green at the office?

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  • 10 excuses bullshit anti-ecology

    We present you our selection of the 10 cliché sentences used by your friends to justify that the ecology, it is not useful finally !

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  • 10 outdated food to eat

    List of foods that can be consumed after their expiry date

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  • EPISODE 2: THE TURFU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE - Spanking in Fessenheim?

    Nothing is black or white in energies: we offer you a bit of reading around the subject of nuclear power (and also our humble opinion on the matter) !

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  • Zero waste: my cereal bar recipes

    Today we make zero-waste cereal bars!

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  • THE RESPONSIBLE TURFU 4: What if the energies were men? (3/3)

    Hydroelectricity, shale gas and oil sands: rediscover these energies, their particularities and their differences (we get a little lost in it)!

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  • THE RESPONSIBLE TURFU 4: What if the energies were human? (2/3)

    Biofuel, natural gas, nuclear fusion: rediscover these energies, their peculiarities and their differences (because we get a bit lost in them)!

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