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  • Sport as a means of promoting well-being in companies

    A happy and healthy employee performs better. Find out why more and more managers are turning to sport to improve their QWL!

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  • Is corporate sport an exclusion factor?

    Sport is on the rise in companies. As a lever for integration and well-being at work, its benefits are well proven.

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  • What sports should I play during my lunch break?

    Physical activity between lunch and dinner to optimise your time and energy. How? you might ask. I'll explain it all to you!

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  • The 5 figures to remember about well-being at work

    How can you be an actor in your own health? I found answers at the Health Prevention Club's Wellness and Work conference on October 18, 2017.

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  • Zero Waste: Going green at the office

    A short list of actions to put in place in your workplace to respect our little blue planet as much as possible.

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  • Anti-stress sports routine for motivated employees

    We offer you a sport routine to start your day on the right foot, without stress and with renewed motivation !

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  • Is a sedentary lifestyle a threat to our health?

    Sedentary lifestyle is known as the evil of the century. We are interested in its impact on our health, and we give you some tips on how to deal with it.

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  • For or against taking your pet to work?

    Are you for or against the idea of taking a pet to work? At Squad, we're brimming with love for dogs, and we see only advantages !

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  • How do you motivate Jean Michel from accounting to take up sports?

    How do you find the motivation to start exercising?

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  • Should we talk about our health at work ?

    Talking about your health at work is not easy. Fear of being judged, misunderstood... We give you our advice on how to best deal with this subject.

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