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  • Advice from Mathieu Lafontaine, Osteopath, on doing sport in confinement. Part 2

    During confinement, it is not easy to be active. However, physical activity is fundamental to maintaining good health.

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  • Advice from Mathieu Lafontaine, Osteopath: sport in confinement

    Mathieu Lafontaine, Osteopath, gives you his advice on how to exercise during confinement.

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  • Teleworking: 10 steps to stay motivated

    10 Steps to Stay Motivated in Teleworking

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  • Exercise during a meeting Zoom

    A meeting at the office or at home a little too long? Here are 4 sport exercises to do quickly and discreetly!

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  • Sport at home , 10 accessories to have at home

    Playing sports at home becomes simple and fun thanks to 10 revolutionary accessories

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  • The interview of Mehdi Zamali, sports coach

    Meeting with Mehdi Zamali, sports coach

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