How can you promote your employer brand through a team-building approach?

We'll let you discover in two scrolls how Bonduelle transformed its challenge into an adventure that faithfully reflects its identity.

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With over 11,000 employees on 3 continents, the Bonduelle group wanted to unite its teams around a common quest. Faced with the challenges of hybrid working and geographically dispersed employees, the company called on Squadeasy to improve cohesion and reflect the group's values within its North American teams.

Objectives and implementation

As part of a three-and-a-half-month challenge, to set up fun, physical and sporting challenges to strengthen cohesion and well-being at work. In teams of 10, employees are encouraged to take part in different activities (walking, running, cycling, hiking...) and to (re)create social links using the app's social features. 

By integrating themed photo challenges aligned with their values, Bonduelle has used the app as a real lever of commitment, strengthening team cohesion and facilitating internal communication.

Guaranteed success

At Bonduelle, the challenge comes to life through sustainable means of mobility, ranging from walking to canoeing/kayaking, via electric bikes, hiking and the use of wheelchairs.

These journeys are measured in real time via our unique app-integrated tracker, making it easy to monitor performance and reduce carbon footprint.

This variety of activities enabled every employee, whether a beginner or a skilled athlete, to participate actively, promoting inclusion and health for all.

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Results on turnover, sick leave and sedentary lifestyles compiled by Goodwill Management.

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The 1st mobility

Use carbon footprints to improve your results over the long term, based on ADEME methodology.

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Proof that it works


of daily activity on the application.


feel that cohesion within the company has improved.


communicated more with their colleagues thanks to the challenge.


would like to take part in a new challenge.


feel in a better mood.

they talk about it better than we do

ACF : CONNECT AGAINST HUNGER Solidarity with the team, but above all with the association

Action contre la faim

Action contre la faim
"We hoped that people would like it and that it would create a sense of cohesion. With teams based in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, they don't necessarily rub shoulders on a daily basis. We were looking for something different from a simple foot race, which would allow everyone to take part. It created new links between teams. It was a great success, so we're doing it again! "

Victor Jumaucourt,
Internal communications manager

"23 CCIFIs had to carry out various individual and collective soft mobility missions ( running, walking, cycling ... ), all accompanied by quizzes linked to the theme. 35.08 tons of CO2 avoided after 3 weeks of Squadeasy for the CCI France Belgique alone! Combining sport, health and ecology has never been so much fun! "

Anicia OESER,
Communications Manager

CCI France
"It's an experience that feels good physically and mentally. The employees are all very energized, all doing things they would never have done without Squadeasy. Incredible emulation. It's all positive."

Oriane Tisseyre,
Head of finance

TOGETHER CHALLENGE HSBC: Working together to save the planet


MOVE FOR YOUTH Société Générale : to pay your colleague back in his own coin.

Société Générale

Societe generale
"31k km: that's the sporting challenge taken up by Vaudoise Assurances employees on the Squadeasy app. On foot, on the run or by bike. Thanks to their efforts, I had the pleasure of passing on a cheque for CHF 10,000 to Secours Suisse d'hiver, which will enable us to offer leisure activities to families in need."

Jean-Daniel Laffely,
CEO groupe

Flore cholley
EDENRED: THE HUNGER FOR VICTORY FIRST Edenred mobilizes over 5,300 employees in 45 countries in support of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Flore Cholley,
Worldwide ESG & Sustainability


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