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Published by Boogie, 04/28/21

7 tips to combat a sedentary lifestyle


Lutter contre la sédentarité


Although we all agree that we need to move to be healthy, our modern lifestyle reduces the opportunities to do so and a sedentary lifestyle has become the buzzword of our time. How can we combat this sedentary plague when we spend more and more time sitting behind a screen, both at home and in the workplace?


Here are 7 tips to give yourself opportunities to move throughout the day.


1.  Doing a bit of sport after getting out of bed

There is no better way to maintain an active day than to start in the morning! A good muscle workout is extremely beneficial for both body and mind. You don't necessarily have to do a lot, but a few stretches and muscle exercises when you get out of bed will get your body warmed up and ready to face the day.

A little bonus: breakfast will be all the better for it!

2.  Walk or cycle to work

Tired of the stress of public transport and traffic jams? Simply walk or cycle to work! This will allow you to move in the morning to get there and in the evening to get back. If the distance is too great, there are other tricks, such as getting off the metro one or two stations earlier, or parking the car one kilometre before your destination.

A little bonus: it's also a way to preserve our beautiful planet!

3. Take the stairs instead of the lift

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to walk up five flights of stairs when all you have to do is press a button in the lift. But with a little motivation, at an average of 20 steps per floor, it's a great exercise that improves blood circulation. Repeat this throughout the day, especially after long periods of inactivity.

A little extra: you will have beautiful thighs and shapely buttocks for the summer.

4. Walk for 10-15 minutes during lunch break 

The fight against a sedentary lifestyle does not have to mean intensive sport. For example, a 10 to 15 minute walk during the lunch break is enough to get the ball rolling. Motivate your colleagues to go for a walk of about 1km after lunch and take a real break that will also help with digestion.

A little bonus: it's also a great way to get some fresh air and clear your head before starting the second half of your day.

5. Travelling to exchange with colleagues

In the age of inter-office chat, smartphones and other technologies, we have become accustomed to having all information at our fingertips. If you need information from a colleague who is not in the same office, why not walk over to their desk and talk to them directly? If your colleague is on a different floor, you gain one more opportunity to take the stairs.

A little bonus: good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction improves social relations and avoids the confusion that can arise from the written word.

6. Standing up to make a phone call

You are not yet one of those people who can't stand still when they make a phone call? Think about it! The invention of the mobile phone has given us the ability to walk back and forth and stretch our legs while carrying on a conversation. Something that is often more difficult in a face-to-face conversation and could make the other person feel nauseous.

A little extra: this tip can be very beneficial for those who are still stressed by phone calls and prefer to hide behind a good old email. Moving around helps you to relax.

7. Setting goals

No matter what your level of fitness, setting goals will help you stay motivated and active. Buying a pedometer to count your steps, for example, is a good solution. While it is often recommended that you take at least 10,000 steps a day, it is up to you to set your own goals and develop them over time. For the more athletic, setting goals allows you to follow a training programme and thus stay on course and motivated even in difficult times like winter.

A little extra: achieving your goals gives you satisfaction, which is also very good for your morale.

With all these tips in your pocket, all that's left to do is get moving and beat the sedentary lifestyle!

If the notion of corporate wellness has become a key issue for any responsible employer, it is no less beneficial for all your employees. Your needs are varied, our solution is unique thanks to cutting-edge technology and fun challenges for a unique experience of connected physical activity.

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