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Published by Boogie, 04/28/21

Meditation, the art of feeling good about yourself!




Here are a few tips on how to meditate in your stride and thus run with peace of mind! Athletes put their bodies and minds to the test. Meditating is like taking a shower and doing sport, it helps you feel good in your shoes!


Meditation tip #1: Find a quiet place

Some people prefer places like a candlelit room, others the tops of a mountain ..., I sit on my cushion in front of a beautiful garden. You are free to choose! One can meditate absolutely everywhere. For a beginner, it is nevertheless advisable to find a quiet place, where one is sure not to be disturbed.

Meditation Tip #2: Position yourself comfortably

I personally sit cross-legged, but the best position is the one that is most comfortable for you. It can be: lying down, sitting on a chair, the lotus position or our original position, the fetal position. As long as your muscles are relaxed and you are not all broken... In short, as long as you feel good in this position, that's the most important!

Meditation tip #3: Be focused

You can concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing, the sensations that run through your body, or observe the thoughts that come and go in your mind, like the foam that disappears in the sand. Eyes open, closed or half closed.

Meditation tip #4: A few moments... that's enough

You don't need to meditate for 3 hours, a few minutes are enough. With meditation, 1 minute can seem like an eternity as an eternity can pass in 1 minute. The key is regularity, just like with running training. For example, you can meditate after (or before) your workouts. This will either give you a break (or motivate you to go out and train).

Meditation tip #5: Running and meditating, the same battle

It is quite possible to meditate while running (or to run while meditating). Some ultra-runners will tell you that at some point during their run they are so transcended by their activity that they enter another world. Indeed, the pain goes away and the doubts dissipate. Well ... it's a kind of meditation.

These two disciplines are not as far apart as they seem. They may even be complementary. Many athletes practice meditation regularly to condition themselves for the goal of the moment.


Here are some benefits of meditation combined with running:

- Go further in your runs 

- Recover better between your runs

- Optimise your concentration and performance

- Learn to find your breath (everyone breathes but it's not that easy)

- Feel good in your paws


On your marks... Ready! Meditate!

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