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Published by Boogie, 04/29/21

Stress at work: friend or foe?


Stress au travail


Stress is often perceived as the cause of all our misfortunes, whether they are psychological, physical or emotional. But is this really the case? We would like to introduce you to another way of looking at stress. Indeed, good stress can be productive and improve our quality of life at work. 

We are all used to associating stress with something negative, something detrimental to our health. Well, we've all been wrong. It is the ideas and prejudices we have about stress rather than the stress itself that cause negative effects on our bodies.


The importance of the psyche in stress management

According to two recent studies, people under constant and intense stress are more likely to die younger. But (and yes, there is a big but), this is only the case when they are convinced that stress is bad for their health. Indeed, people who also experience the same amount of stress, but don't necessarily think it makes them die, have the health of those who don't feel stress. Once again, we realise the importance of the psyche, our thoughts, our state of mind!

Stress and cuddles rhyme!

Far from being our enemy, stress is actually our friend. Take oxytocin, or the cuddle and love hormone. Its nickname is due to the fact that this hormone is released when we hug someone. But that's far from all its functions in our bodies. Among other things, this hormone helps us to fight our fear, and it also has an effect on other animals such as dogs, which, according to a recent study, are more affectionate towards their masters when they have higher oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin: a stress hormone 

And yes, it is released in stressful situations and it makes us seek comfort, contact and be more sociable. It's crazy! Our biological response to stress has an innate mechanism for fighting stress. So our bodies don't suck after all. All this to comfort you and encourage you not to be afraid of stress!

Instead, welcome new opportunities and experiences, don't shy away from the unknown and try to get out of your comfort zone. At Squadeasy we believe that life must have meaning, and it is by opening up to the new that we can find it! Always choose what interests you over what feels comfortable and to increase your oxytocin levels, nothing beats moving. 


If the practice of sport in the workplace has become a key issue for any responsible employer, it is no less beneficial for all your employees. Your needs are varied, our solution is unique thanks to cutting-edge technology and fun challenges for a unique experience of connected physical activity.



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