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  • Meditation, the art of feeling good about yourself!

    Here are a few tips on how to meditate in your stride and thus run with peace of mind! Athletes put their bodies and minds to the test.

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  • 7 tips to combat a sedentary lifestyle

    A sedentary lifestyle is not inevitable! To combat it, we share with you our 7 tips that will help you seize the opportunities to move every day.

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  • Running book: my selection

    Looking for an inspiring book that takes you on a great running, trail running or even mountaineering adventure?

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  • sport routine leg a the office

    We're here today for a special leg routine at the office!

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  • Training plan: cycling

    Boogie offers you a training plan to succeed in your first 40 km by bike!

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  • Sculpting a small dream body (at the office)

    Delicious exercises to sculpt your dream body at the office

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  • Meditation: Boogie's 4 favourite apps

    Boogie presents his four favourite applications to get you started with the benefits of guided meditation!

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  • Your turn: how gamification boosts our motivation?

    You've probably heard this word: gamification. This is an ideal solution to boost your business.

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  • Skipping rope: a good addition to your workouts!

    The skipping rope is a very interesting addition to your training, as it has many advantages for your physical condition!

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  • Sport in the workplace: France lagging behind?

    A study carried out by Edenred-Ipsos on well-being and quality of life at work shows that France is lagging behind its counterparts.

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